The Dalesway from Dent Station to Sedbergh

Walk 7 - From Dent Station to Sedbergh - a low level linear walk using the Saturday bus service - 5 or 10 miles - 4.5 hours. By bus/ train

  • The vista of Dentdale as seen from the Coal Road

A good low level walk following the Dalesway for when conditions are variable and avoiding any significant uphills! This takes in the picturesque village of Dent ending at Sedbergh where there are a variety of hostelries and tea rooms not to mention a large book shop! Alternatively the walk may be split into two 5 mile walks from Dent Station to Dent and Dent to Sedbergh. The walk makes use of the Western Dales bus service which only runs on a Saturday and connects with the northbound train from Leeds. This is also an excellent walk for those at the Sedbergh end as use can be made of the bus to reach Cowgill /Dent Station and walk back at leisure. Back to Dentdale

Starting from either Dent Station or Lea Yeat [Cowgill] proceed down the steep Coal Road to Cowgill. Turn left to pass over Lea Yeat Bridge and then immediately right to follow the left hand bank of the River Dee. Passing through Ewegales Campsite and through a stile emerge on the minor road near Ewegales Bridge. Follow the minor road for approximately¼ mile looking for footpath sign at a large gate on the left. Pass through the gate and across a field going just to the right of the farm buildings and across a stile into the recently re planted Little Town plantation. Cross the plantation, following which the path goes around the house and across a paddock followed by yet another stile and plantation.

  • View along Dentdale and footpath at Ewegales

On leaving the plantation pass through a stile into a field and progress down the left hand side of a wall to reach a farm track. Crossing the farm track proceed across two further fields and stiles to emerge at a walled track. Turn left up the access track to Hackersgill. Close to the house pass through a gate to go diagonally across a paddock and a further gate. Turn right once through the gate, now following the edge of the field and to the left hand side of the wall and to the rear of Clint [a house]. Cross a bridge over a small stream and continue in the same line through a farmyard and several fields until reaching the access drive to Laithbank. Turn right down the drive to meet the minor road to Dent again. Turn left and progress along the road for ¼ mile carefully watching for a footpath sign on the right at a gate [easily missed].

Turn right now proceeding downhill across the field and bearing very slightly to the right and over a small footbridge [easily missed] and then passing around the side of a pothole whilst dropping down to meet the River Dee. Cross the foot bridge over the river and turn immediately left to follow the right hand bank for ¼ mile before reaching Tommy Bridge. Cross the River Dee again by means of the bridge turning immediately right. Now on the left hand river bank the path goes through a gate and proceeds diagonally uphill across a small hillock to reach a stile at Mill Bridge and very briefly back on to the minor road.

Bear right to cross Deepdale Beck by means of the road bridge and then immediately right to follow the path along the left hand bank of Deepdale Beck. The path eventually meets the River Dee and naturally bears left. Follow the path along the river bank passing through several gates. The path bears left leaving the river bank and to cross Keld Beck. Across the beck immediately turn right and follow the path alongside the village playing field to arrive at Church Bridge. Turn left and follow the road into Dent village.

There are various hostelries to choose from to break the journey including the Sun and George and Dragon Inns and Stoneclose and Meadowside cafes. Dent Heritage Centre is worth a visit if time permits.

  • Dent Village

Continue out of Dent along the road and after ¼ mile regain the riverside path on the right hand side. Follow the left hand bank of the River Dee along the well waymarked path passing the Barth Bridge be means of steps. At this point I would suggest a slight deviation from the Dalesway in order to avoid an unpleasant boggy section. Turn right to cross the road bridge then bearing left, following the road towards Sedbergh for 400m. Turn left at the footpath sign to descend to the right hand river bank. Now follow the river until the footbridge at Ellers is reached. Pass over the footbridge immediately turning right to follow the minor road for 3/4 mile to Brackensgill. This is in fact the Dalesway. At Brackensgill bear right onto a bridleway just before the river is reach the path turns left (to avoid a ford) and there is a footbridge over the River Dee for the final time. Continue along the bridleway to Gate Manor and the main road.

  • Bridge at Ellers and Farm above Gate Manor

Carefully cross the main road and continue along the bridleway on the other side, a stony track curving around the rear of the manor and slightly uphill. Bear left at a fork and proceed in a westerly direction passing a farm enroute. The well-marked path proceeds through a gate, across a field followed by another gate. Now into woodland, a delight in Bluebell season, the path quickly becomes enclosed with walls. Upon reaching the top the path emerges into open pasture quickly passing through a gate to give a good vista of Sedbergh and the Howgills. Follow the track downhill across the pasture and a small stream to reach the walled stony track into the hamlet of Millthrop.

  • View of Sedbergh and Millthrop village

Turn right upon reaching the road and pass between the cottages to turn left then dropping down to reach the main road. Turn right and carefully follow the main road across Millthrop Bridge and the River Rawthey. Following the main road towards Sedbergh turn right after 200m through a small stile. The path contours around the hillside to pass through another stile. Passing the Sedbergh School sanitorium on the right drop down the hillside and through a gate to join the access driveway. Follow the driveway into Sedbergh passing alongside the school rugby fields. At the end of the driveway cross the main road to reach Sedbergh Main Street. Continue along the Main Street to reach the Library and the Dalesman

The return bus departs from outside the Dalesman pub..

For current timetables see Western Dales Bus

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