Dodd Fell & Snaizeholme

Walk 5 - A circular walk from Hawes taking in the summit of Dodd Felll [664m] and the remote valley of Snaizeholme with the possibility of seeing a red squirrel- 11.5 miles [5.5 hours]. This can be attempted either by bus or car. If arriving by car, park in the Dales Countryside Museum. Alternatively the 113 Little White Bus service connects with Garsdale Station on the Settle- Carlisle railway. Back to Wensleydale

  • Snaizeholme Valley and Pennine Way sign

Leave the Dales Countryside Museum carpark in the centre of Hawes and proceed up to the main street to the cobbled street and turn left up the Pennine Way path [roughly half way up the cobbled street]. Carry on along the path [at the back of the church] to crosss the road at Gayle and pass between the houses [near a bus shelter - signposted Pennine Way]. Rejoin a minor road serving the houses and at a T junction pass through a stile and two fields turning right to follow the Pennine Way alomg a farm access road and past Gaudy House [on the right]. The path crosses rough pasture prcogressing uphill to a gate at the top. Continue along the now well-defined track as it contours the hill and then proceeds in s straight line above Snaizeholme valley.

  • The Pennine Way from Hawes

Dodd Fell will appear in front. At a convenient point strike of to the left to proceeed to the top of the hill. There are varous paths across the rough pasture and peat bogs eventually reaching the trig point. Leave the trig point proceeding south-west on a feint path regaining the track. Continue for 1/4 mile or so until reaching a gate on the right hand side. pass through the gate a descend steeply into Snaizeholme valley aiming for a wall and the stream at the bottom. Cross the stream and continue along the track through pasture and woodland. At a clearing turn right down the access road to Stone Gill Foot. Turn left at the house and proceeding to the rear head for the plantation passing through a stile.

  • Dodd Fell and Rottenstone Hill

Pass through the woodland and the gardens of various farm houses following waymarks. Eventually the entrance to the squirrel viewing point will come into view. It is worth a wait to see if any squirrels appear at the feeding point. Regain the path emerging at a rough stone road. Follow the road passing to the left of a house and along another access road for a short way. As the access road veres left carry stright on through the trees. At the end emerge in rough pasture. bear right through an opening in the wall. Proceed across the pasture to a footbridge crossing the beck and bear left now following the right hand bank of the beck to a farm house. Passing through the farmyard continue along the farm access road.

  • Red squirrels

At the end of the farm access road bear right along the main road towards Hawes. There is no way of avoiding this. after 3/4 mile bear left along the lane signposted Appersett. At a bend in the lane carry stright on along a footpath. This turns left and right passing old barns and across a stream. Head towards a new barn and along a farm access road to emerge at the main road near Ashes. Turn right and proceeed into Hawes. The bus stop is outside the Board Inn for the return back to Garsdale Station

  • Snaizeholme Valley and barn near Hawes

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