Garsdale Station to Sedbergh

Walk 15 - A low level linear walk without particular difficulty following Garsdale and the Clough River from Garsdale to Sedbergh - 10 miles [5 hours] - By train to Garsdale Station then Saturdays [and summer Sunday only] Western Dales Bus to Sedbergh. This walk can only be easily accomplished from the northbound 0849 ex Leeds train service unless a lift can be arranged. This involves some road walking at the very least and this can be varied depending on preference as the footpaths parallel the Sedbergh-Hawes main road most of the way. Indeed, the short field sections at Hole House, Blades and Cross Thwaite could be omitted to save time or adverse muddy conditions. Back to Dentdale Walks

  • Clough River at Garsdale Bridge

Alight the train at Garsdale Station. From the station access track cross the Coal road to the foot path immediately on the opposite side. This proceeds on the same contour parallel to the railway line passing through two gates. After the barn proceed downhill alongside the small stream for a while passing through a stile on the left and then across a field to another stile. The path now drops down hill emerging at the main road to one side of a barn at Low Scale Farm. Pass through the farm and across the Clough River by means of the wooden bridge. The path proceeds steeply uphill passing to the left of Knudmanning. Keep to the left of the wall for two fields and at the third turn slightly uphill to meet the Old Road. Bear left and follow the minor road. Bear right on to the main road taking care to avoid traffic.

  • Old Road and Clough River

After a short while the road can be avoided with a slight detour to Raygilll and Crossthwaite. Alternatively stay with the road. Either way from the main road bear right to cross the Clough River up what looks like a plantation track. However just across the bridge a footpath sign directs down a narrow footpath passing a house at High Coat Weggs - the path has been diverted away from the house garden. The path passes in front of a cottage at West Paradise Nursery through 3 stiles and dropping down to a track at Roger Pot and alongside the river .Join the main road briefly and then turn right in front of Smorthwaite. Pass through 3 stiles and bear slightly right passing the right hand side of Blades and Low House Farm. The path emerges again at the main road. Continue along the main road for 300m and then bear left at a stile crossing the pasture to follow the Clough River.

  • Clough River near Swarthgill and West Paradise Nursery

Maintain the path for nearly 1 mile until New Bridge is reached. Join the farm track which loops back to join the main road. Bear right for 100m and then left along the minor road. This is a gated road serving several houses and farms with very little traffic. This is suggested as an alternative to the paths as these can be boggy in places. The road nevertheless makes for pleasant walking and good progress can be made. After 1 mile bear right at a junction and follow the metalled access road to Garsdale Foot. Turn right through a gate and now back on turn follow a path keeping to the right of the wall. This drops slightly downhill and bear left through gate. The track zig zags downhill to become an enclosed track around Dovecote Gill. At the driveway to the house turn left over a stile. Now crossing pasture again head for a stile and bearing slight right down hill follow the path down to Hall Bank eventually meeting the river again. Follow the river bank through four gates.

  • Near Dovecote Gill and Garsdale Foot

Pass Farfield Mill on the other side of the river climbing over a gorse covered hillock and down to a stile at Garsdale Bridge. Bear right along the minor road to Straight Bridge on the main road from Sedbergh to Kirkby Stephen. Cross the bridge and immediately on the other side turn left through a stile in the wall to follow the right hand bank of the River Rawthey. Follow the well used path to New Bridge. Pass over the bridge and bear left and right at the lay-by to join the footpath into Sedbergh. Bear left at the rear of Settlebeck School turning area and follow the path to the rear of the school. At the vicarage pass through a gate and turn right up the driveway to get to Sedbergh. Turn left into Main Street and on to the Dalesman to catch the bus.

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