Grassington to Kilnsey Circular

Walk 3 - Grassington- Threshfield Moor - Bordley - Kilnsey - Conistone Circular - 12 miles -Back to Lower Wharfedale

Start at Grassington carpark - depart at the rear of the carpark and following Sedber Lane a walled path down to Linton Falls. Cross the bridge taking time to look at the Falls. Carry straight on to the side of the new dwellings built on the site of the mill to emerge on Church Lane. Bear right then follow road to Linton Village crossing the main Grassington to Burnsall road. In the village cross the stream and immediately rurn right along Well Lane, a track. Do not turn off this and cross the former railway line. Eventually cross the main Grassington to Skipton Road to reach Moor lane immediately on the other side. Follow this for 1/2 m mile or so the tarmac eventually running out passing the turning for Grysdale lane enroute.

At a gate take the right hand track proceeding due West, crossing open pasture and remains of old coal workings. The track climbs slightly uphill becoming a path for the last 250m until meeting a wall (ignore other tracks along the way).Turn right following the wall for a short way and then left into an enclosed track. Follow the track for 1/4 mile and look for a stile on the left. Passing through the stile cross the field diagonally and over a further stile and then through a gate eventually emerging at the track towards Bordley House Farm.

Turn right along track and continue through a ford until reaching Bordley House Farm. Turn right in front of the house and follow the farm road over a hill. At a bend and dip in the road (near walls)  turn left (effectively straight on) along path in valley bottom until Mastiles Lane is reached. Turn right along Mastiles Lane and follow to Kilnsey and the main road.

Conistone 23 Sept 00.jpg (27033 bytes) Bastow Wood 23 Sept 00.jpg (32636 bytes)

At Kilnsey turn right along the main road for some 400m and then turn left towards Conistone passing over the river bridge enroute. In Conistone turn right along the road for 100m and look for a path on the left. Departing the road, well marked path climbs slightly uphill through a gate  to round the corner into a spectacular dry ravine. The path crosses the ravine higher up and there are now two alternatives.

Either turn right into the  Bastow Wood - route finding can be difficult - the intention is to emerge at the far side of the wood through a gate to rejoin main path. Alternatively, avoid the wood and keep to main path passing the location of a medieval village over several stiles eventually reaching farmyard and back into Grassington. Turn left and then right to reach the main street.

The walk could be shortened by catching the bus from Kilnsey back to Grassington.


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