Hawes to Moorcock Inn via Mossdale

Walk 9 - An easy low level linear walk suitable for families from Hawes to Garsdale station with an option to visit Cotter Force- 7.5 or 8.25 miles including the waterfall - 3.5 hours. The walk makes use of the Little White Bus service from Garsdale Station to Hawes. Alternatively the walk could be done by parking at the Dales Countryside Centre in Hawes and getting the bus back from the Moorcock Inn which would save a mile. Back to Moorcock Walks

Waterfall at Mossdale Head Yore Bridge across River Ure waterfall

From Garsdale Station or the Moorcock Inn take the Little White Bus into the centre of Hawes. Alighting the bus at the Dales Countryside Museum walk up the main street through Hawes passing the road junctions to Kettlewell and Ingleton. After 1/4 mile turn left up the farm track opposite Ashes. At the top of the track by some farm buildings pass through a gate and bear right crossing a small stream by a ford. Pass through a stile at the other side of the field and turn left with the wall on the left and then pass through 2 stiles.

Hawes village centre  
Meadows on June between Hawes and Appersett  

After 300m or so bear right across open pasture. There is a waymark in the middle of the field. Pass through a stile and head for Appersett Viaduct. Cross the stile to emerge at the minor road. Turn right and follow the minor road under the viaduct and down to Appersett. Bear left and cross the road bridge over Widdale Beck. Immediately on the far side of the bridge pass through a stile on left and follow the main road to New Bridge. The path turns left just before the River Ure and follows the left hand bank through woodland and then pasture. After two stiles and a slight uphill the path turns right over a stile [easily missed] and passes diagonally downhill through the woodland and crossing and small stream. Proceed across the meadow land for 500m or so eventually picking up a farm track near a barn.

At this point a deviation can be made to visit Cotter Force adding 3/4 mile. Bear right along track crossing River Ure to meet main road. Turn right along main road for 400m or so crossing Cotter Beck. Immediately after the bridge turn left on to footpath [signposted Cotter Force]. Continue for 1/4 mile until reaching the waterfall. Retrace steps to main road, crossing River Ure to regain farm track and continue earlier route.

After 1/4 mile or so take the left hand fork rather then the track to Birkrigg Farm. As the track veres sharply left continue almost straight ahead across meadow land and two gates eventually reaching a gate at the side of Mossdale Farm.

Old Viaduct at Appersett Cotter Force
Mossdale Head Farm Waterfalls with Mossdale viaduct in background

The path emerges between the farm buildings. Continue along the farm track crossing Mossdale Gill. Look out for the impressive waterfalls under Mossdale viaduct. Pass through a farm gate. Bear right and slightly uphill following the waymarks. The path then descends to cross the main road at Thwaite Bridge.

Walk towards the farm and through large double gates at the right hand side of the buildings bearing left. Continue in a westerly direction. Cross a field into a larger pasture with the wall on the right. After a short while the path passes to the other side of the wall through a stile [easily missed]. Continue following the wall with Homesett Scar woodland on the left. Pass through a stile and a large open pasture. Pass another stile below Cotterside Plantation and yet a further stile. The path now joins a farm track to reach Yore House. Pass through the farm yard and proceed along the farm track and over the River Ure at Ure Force. Immediately over the river bear left and cut diagonally along the new bridleway and through a gate to the rear of the Moorcock Inn.

For the return walk to Garsdale Station, on leaving the Moorcock turn right and proceed along the main road towards Sedbergh for a very short while then turning left through a gate to follow the recently opened Pennine Bridleway which proceeds directly to the rear of the station passing under Dandry Mire Viaduct enroute. The station is slightly under a mile from the pub and 30-35 minutes should be allowed for this uphill walk! Remember that southbound trains run from the farthest platform and it is necessary to pass under the road bridge to gain access.

View of Widdale Fell from near Thwaite Bridge Meadows near Yore House

Important note:- Whilst the author has taken every care in assembling the information on this site, no responsibility can be accepted for any error or omission herein. If in any doubt walkers should always consult the relevant OS map. All timings are approximate and for a person of average fitness and ability.

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