Lunds Fell and Hugh Seat

Walk 15 - A strenous and rewarding upland walk taking in the summits of Lunds Fell [667m] and Hugh Seat 689m] starting at Garsdale Station or Moorcock Inn - 10 miles - approximately 5 hours. Back to Moorcock Walks. Shamelessly included some winter scenes on this one!

  • Winter scene from Lunds Fell

Starting from Garsdale Station follow the Pennine Bridleway down to the Moorcock Inn. Take the Kirkby Stephen road to the left of the pub and very soon bear right along the Pennine Bridleway. This proceeds to the bridge serving Yore House and Ure head Force waterfalls. Crossing the bridge bear left for a short while and then turn right through the gate on the right just past Cobbles Plantation. The Bridleway proceeds uphill to the side of the plantation before turning left and then right to reach Lady Anne Highway. Passing through the gate turn left and after a small ravine leave the track and strike out diagonally [north east] to gain height. Maintain an upward course crossing a fairly easy stock fence eventually reaching the crest of Bubble Hill. A landrover track comes into view and this can be followed up to the summit of Lunds Fell [667m] where there is a diminutive cairn. Just to confuse things the top is referred to variously as Sails, Lunds Fell, Ure Head and Little Fell all of which are named on the map! There are good views in all directions with Shunner Fell to the east and Wild Boar to the west.

Views around Ure head Force

Leave the cairn at Lunds Fell in a northerly direction. The track disappears and a few boggy patches require negotiation. Follow a stock fence on the left as the ground gains height. This starts to bear left. Beware of a boggy hollow usually protected with a roll of fencing! The fence turns to the left and forms a V shape near the summit of Hugh Seat [689m]. The cairn is just below the summit and provides an excellent vantage point across the Mallerstang valley. On leaving Hugh Seat progress quickly downhill in a westerly direction towards a further cairn and eventually to an obvious confluence of Hell Gill Beck and another minor stream. These are the upper flows of the River Eden. Drop down into the ravine and up the other side where a path will be located following to the right of Hell Gill Beck.

  • Winter scene from Lunds Fell towards Garsdale

The path progresses downhill and emerges at Lady Anne Highway. Turn left to cross Hell Gill Bridge a fearsome and narrow ravine. It is difficult to see the bottom. Progress along the Highway bearing left at fork. The track passes High Hall and High Dyke disused farmhouses. After dropping down to a small ravine where there has been some landslip the track emerges back at the sign post for the Pennine Bridleway. Turn right through the gate and retrace steps to Ure Head Force and the Moorcock Inn.

An alternative route can be taken by leaving Lady Anne Highway by crossing a stile immediately before a gate and descending the path to the rear of Shaws to reach Lunds Church. From here there is a choice of a boggy route to Ure Head Force via Blades or cross the river Ure and follow the track / path up to the road and back to the Moorcock. These routes are described elsewhere.

Allow 30-35 minutes for the uphill walk back to Garsdale Station or alternatively catch the Little White Bus

Winter views from Lunds Fell and showing the diminutive summit cairn at Sails [666m]  
Lady Anne Highway  
Lunds Church  

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