Whernside, Great Coum and Crag Hill from Ribblehead to Dent

Walk 14 - Ribblehead to Dent Village via Whernside [736m] , Great Coum [687m] and Crag Hill [682] - 11.5miles - 6 hours. A long but very worthwhile day out climbing 3 peaks and a return to Dent Village via Flintergill. By train and bus only using the S1 Saturday bus from Dent Village to Dent Station. Otherwise add 5 miles for the return walk back to Dent Station. Back to Dentdale

Ingleborough as seen from the route down to the Kingsdale road Howgills from Occupation Road

From Ribblehead Station turn right at the end of the station access road in front of the Station Inn. Follow the main road for 200m and turn left towards the viaduct. Follow this track and keeping to the right of the viaduct follow the path to Blea Moor Signal Box. A little further on cross the stream by means of stepping stones and a footbridge before reaching the aqueduct carrying the stream over the railway line. Pass over the aqueduct and continue uphill watching out for the Force Gill Waterfall on the left. The path continues uphill. After 1/4 mile or so bear left over a stile and follow the path to the summit of Whernside[736m]bearing left for the final ascent along the ridge. Pause to admire the view over Ribblehead towards Pen y ghent and Ingleborough. Pass through the stile next to the trig point and follow the lesser used path towards Dentdale. The crowds of Three Peaks walkers are soon left behind and the walk becomes much quieter. Part-way down the path bears right at a cairn following the contour for 200m or so and then turning left at a dry-stone wall now continuing directly downhill. Negotiate a boggy patch near the bottom and very soon the minor road at the head of Kingsdale will be encountered.

Whernside trig point

Ingleborough as seen from the route down to the Kingsdale road

Turn right long the minor road and after 1/4 mile turn left along the Occupation Road, a stoney track following a high level contour above Dentdale. This track has suffered much abuse from 4x4 vehicles but in recent years has been restored to what it is now making for a pleasant walk. Follow the track for 1 mile and as it curves around he side of Great Coum and shortly after a change of surfacing look for a stile in the dry-stone wall on the left in the corner of the pasture. This used to be out of bounds but thanks to countryside access is open to all. There is no path but take a diagonal course across the open pasture up to the crest of the hill. Bear right at the top passing County Stone, the current boundary marker for an extremity of Lancashire as it pokes into Cumbria [formerly the West Riding]. Continue uphill along the ridge of the hill following the dry-stone wall. The wall curves to the left and it would be advantageous to cross the wall using one of a number of stiles. Continue with the wall on the right passing the summit of Great Coum [687m]. This is barely marked with a diminutive cairn on the other side of the wall. The path drops slight and curves with the wall to the right. After 1/2 mile look for a wooden stile in the wall and cross. Now with the wall on the left continue for 1/4 mile to reach the summit trig point of Crag Hill [682m]. The views across to Morecambe Bay, Middleton Fells and Ingleborough are excellent.

View from the Occupation Road Views from Crag Hill

Leaving the trig point retrace steps to the wooden stile and immediately turn left to cross another stone stile. Now descend the steep slopes of Crag Hill in zig zags taking care not to slip all of the time with the wall on the left. At the bottom of the hill join a vehicle track bearing right along the perimeter wall of the pasture. This passes though a gate and becomes an enclosed track continuing down hill for about 3/4 mile. Upon reaching the Occupation Road again, turn right through a gate and continue for 400m or so. Turn left through a gate and follow the track down through Flintergill. This gets steeper now following to the left hand side of the ravine often dry in Summer. The track emerges at the top of Dent village. Pass between the cottages and the village green to reach the Main Street and the bus shelter for the return bus to Dent Station.

Views of Howgills from Occupation Road Views of Howgills from Flintergill

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