A Soulby Circuit

Walk 2 - a low level walk from Kirkby Stephen Station taking in Smardale, Soulby, Winton and Kirkby Stephen - 10 miles - 5 hours - by car or train Back to Kirkby Stephen

Scandal Beck at Smardale Ford Smardale Hall

The walk starts from Kirkby Stephen Station. From the station access road take the station footpath downhill. Turn left at a gate and walk up the ramp to the road. Follow the main road downhill for a short while taking care to avoid fast traffic and turn left at bridleway just below the small reservoir. Follow the bridleway uphill passing through a gate. Pass to the right of a small copse and then over a stile noting the remains of settlements in the field to the left. Head down towards the railway line and passing through a gate proceed uphill and then diagonally across to a stile in the corner of the field. Now turn right along the minor road towards Waitby. At a junction turn left and take the lane uphill passing the old schoolhouse. The lane drops down passing Smardale Hall and the former Smardale Station on the Stainmore line to Tebay. The Smardale viaduct on the Settle Carlisle line comes into view.

Proceed down the hill to Smardale Ford on Scandal Beck Cross over the footbridge and turn right to follow the left hand bank of the beck. Pass through several fields always with the beck on the right noting Smardale Mill on the opposite side. Eventually the path emerges at a cottage on the minor road to Crosby Garrett. Cross the minor road and over the stile just by another ford. Continue on the same line the path eventually joining a farm access lane and then quickly on to join the road from Crosby Garrett into Soulby. Bear right into the village emerging at the large green an excellent place for a break. There is a convenient bus shelter just near the bridge.

Cross the road bridge over Scandal Beck and then immediately turn left along the lane which becomes a farm track. Just before the overbridge on the disused Eden Valley Railway turn right through a gate and then climb to the top of the embankment. Turn left to cross Scandal Bridge. The railway now a nature reserve was last used for quarry traffic in the early 1980s. The embankment soon descends to a track. Turn right and follow the track eventually meeting the River Eden. Cross the footbridge at Beckfoot and continue on the track to meet the minor road to Appleby at T junction. Cross the road and take the lane to Winton. There follows 1/2 mile of road walking before crossing the the main road to Brough. Take the lane into Winton and immediately turn right. As the road comes to a dead end turn left along a footpath at the side of a house. The path descends through a field to a small stream and then turns slight right towards Kirkby Stephen. Now follow a straight line of stiles crossing several field emerging at the minor road near Eden Place. Continue along the minor road and turn left along the main road for a short while

Just before the bridge across the River Eden turn left to follow the footpath alongside the river to Mill Bridge. Cross the minor road to Hartley and continue along the river bank on the other side to Franks Bridge. Cross the bridge and ascend the street into Kirkby Stephen Market Place. There are various hostelries and cafes to choose from. However the down side is a 1.65 mile walk back to the station - there is really no alternative as there is no regular bus service. Walk out of the town towards Sedbergh bearing left just after the former Stainmore railway line road bridge to take the footpath to the station. Allow 45 minutes for the uphill walk back. Back to Kirkby Stephen

Scandal Beck Soulby Bridge and Scandal Beck
Scandal Bridge - The Eden Valley Railway Footbridge over the River Eden at Beckfoot

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