Wether Fell and Semerwater

Walk 4 - An excellent circular walk from Hawes taking in the summit of Wether Fell [614m] and the shores of Semerwater - 11 miles [6 hours]. This can be attempted either by bus or car. If arriving by car, park in the Dales Countryside Museum. Alternatively the Little White Bus service connects with Garsdale Station on the Settle- Carlisle railway. Back to Wensleydale

  • Semerwater

Leave the Dales Countryside Museum carpark in the centre of Hawes and proceed up to the main street to the cobbled street and turn left up the Pennine Way path [roughly half way up the cobbled street]. Carry on along the path to reach the bridge at Gayle just above Gayle Mill. Join the minor road towards Buckden for a short while turning left onto a foot path not long after the road has left the houses. Cross a stile and into a walled footpath proceeding uphill. This turns sharp left at the top to emerge at open pasture.

Gayle Beck Gayle Mill

Following the contour of the land crossing two fields and in the third look for the stile slightly uphill. The path then recommences the ascent diagonally across a field and then across open pasture crossing a small stream midway. Maintain this course passing through four stiles/gates until emerging at a track at the top. Turn right to join the track passing through two gates to emerge at the boundary of Wether Fell. Bear right around the edge of the fell with the wall on the right. Continue for 1/4 mile and then strike out slightly left over open fell to reach the summit cairn.

Wether Fell - Drumaldrace Cairn [614m]

From the cairn continue in the same direction now downhill to meet the Roman Road. Turn left and follow the Roman Road for 1/2 mile until reaching a footpath sign for Marsett. Turn right at the sign and follow the obvious path downhill to emerge at the rear of Knight Close. Continue on the farm access track down to the minor road and cross Marsett Bridge. Continue across the green at Marsett and on the far side bear left along a vehicle track at the side of the beck. This crosses two foot bridges and after the second bear left crossing a succession of about 8 stiles to emerge at the ruins of Stallingbusk Chapel. Continue at the rear of the chapel now within sight of Semerwater. The path follows the shore of the lake and then two fields eventually to reach the minor road at Lower Blean Farm.

Stallingbusk Chapel  

Turn left along the minor road passing over Semerwater Bridge and then uphill to Countersett. At the road junction bear slightly right. The path is to the left of the private drive. This crosses a small stream and proceeds steeply uphill. At the top the path joins the road for a short while at Hawes End and then strikes off again across the pasture, crossing the roman road and meeting the road again at Horton Gill Bridge.

There is no alternative now but to follow the road all the way to Burtersett. The road bear right between the houses and about halfway down look for an alleyway on the left hand side at the side of an old chapel. This then crosses the fields on stone flags passing through several stiles enroute. Cross the minor road to Gayle and then proceed along the final path to emerge at the main Hawes - Bainbridge road. Continue into Hawes and back to the Museum carpark or outside the Board Inn to catch the bus.

Hawes in early evening


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